Wednesday, August 09, 2017


Does anyone else kinda miss The Mooch?

The five days that Anthony Scaramucci was White House Communications Director were pretty eventful. His wife divorced him, he got Reince Preibus fired, Sean Spicer quit, he gave a spirited interview to the New Yorker,  and so much else.

It was kind of messy. But... he seemed to just blurt everything out, and that was pretty refreshing from a Communications Director. Yeah, he was profane about it, but DJ Tice is right that it would be hypocritical to get all upset about that and laugh along when Al Franken uses similar language (and I do).  

In the end, Scarmucci's downfall was giving out too much information-- relatively accurate information, I suspect-- rather than obfuscating or hiding facts. I kinda miss those few days of too much truth.

I miss the Mooch. He made The Donald White House farce entertaining. The crude language a perfect complement to the sycophant barf-fest going on at the Oval Office, the truth translation for the absurd reality show the Presidency of the United States has become.
He had me at the Bannon line.


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