Monday, July 03, 2017


Two stunners

As always, y'all made some great haiku last week... but there were two entries that were just spectacular.

In short-form, this from Bob:

What does it all mean?
Justice, love and grace are the
Business of heaven.

And in long-form, this masterpiece from Jill Scoggins:

Lakeview Pharmacy (1958-2004)

Daddy's pharmacy.
Coffee's on. Radio too.
Siddown and visit.

Daddy clicks the pills
in his tray til bottles filled.
"Now, take this with food."

"You see that Longhorns
game Sat'dee?" "Ira, how's your
golf game?" "Got Band-Aids?"

The retirees bring
home-grown tomatoes. "Take 'em!
My garden won't quit!"

Moms keep kids' fingers
outta the candy bars. Not
always with success.

"I need some aspirin."
Cash register churns, then ding!
I slip the bills in.

"Gramps took sick again."
Whispers, worry lines. Daddy
hugs, then hands the drug.

Business? Well yeah, sure,
but so much more. Sustenance
for your very soul.

Customers? No, they
were neighbors, friends, the heartsong
heard in my hometown.

Independent, not
a chain. Of a time and place
we'll not see again.

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