Tuesday, July 11, 2017


Things looking bad on Russia/Trump

According to the New York Times, these things all happened: 

1) A publicist named Eric Goldstone wrote to Donald Trump's son, Donald Trump, Jr., seeking a meeting between the younger Trump and a Russian lawyer.

2) That email told Trump, Jr. two key things: That the lawyer had damaging information about Hillary Clinton, and that the source of that information was the Russian government.

3) Trump Jr. decided to take the meeting with the lawyer. He then invited along the elder Trump's campaign manager and Trump's son-in-law, Jared Kushner.

4)  Trump Jr., Kushner, and the campaign manager (Paul Manafort) then met with the lawyer. 

If that is what the press is getting simply through the power of persuasion and publicly available information, I really wonder what Robert Mueller is uncovering with intelligence, subpoenas and the ability to lean on key witnesses.  It might be nothing-- there is the chance that he will announce no action as a result of his investigation. But... my hunch is that we will see a different outcome.

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As we continue in our national descent down the rabbit hole, it's nevertheless shocking to me that Don Jr. actually published (i.e., tweeted) the email chain capturing the entire back and forth between himself and the British publicist with whom he schemed up this meeting. Does the entire Trump family think that court of public opinion is an actual court?

I suppose there's a good argument that taking the meeting alone does not raise criminal implications--assuming no information was exchanged--but in the face of an ongoing investigation why go about sitting on your own petard, just waiting to be hoist?
Looks like Little Donald tried really hard to collude but that loser Veselnitskaya didn’t have the kind of crystal clear dirt he was hoping for. How dare she come up with “statements that were vague, ambiguous and made no sense” when The Donald coined every form of BS in existence!
Jared and Ivanka need to pack up their DC house and move back to NY. If his inability to complete forms is any indication of the type of business man he is - good luck to him. Kelly Anne was back on tv this morning dismissing the entire thing. Claiming he was in the clear since he revised his form for the third time. In any other administration revision of "the form" would have meant a boot out the door. And none of them are worried about going to jail as Daddy will just pardon them all.

The Trump circus has me longing for the days of the Kardashians.

We accept lying, if the liar can get away with lying. Through adroit work those who benefit from sleazy dealing have successfully convinced us that winning is all that counts.. The majority of Trunpsters, Republicans, congressmen and our courts have bought into this.
The Trump family has no problem.
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