Friday, July 14, 2017


Haiku Friday: Fish

I realize that this topic may seem a little bit like having a theme of "broccoli," but I think fish have a significant role in our culture. In Minnesota, fishing bonds generations, and some people say that the mark of a good cook is how well they can prepare easy-to-destroy fish. Jesus appeared to the Disciples the first and last time when they were fishing, too.  And if nothing else, we all had a favorite goldfish.

Let's haiku about that this week: It can be about catching fish or cooking fish or raising fish or the game of "Go Fish," or whatever! Here, I will go first:

Dappled green and grey
A quick flash and it is gone
See you next year, King.

It is your turn now! Just use the 5/7/5 syllable formula, and have some fun!

This one's fighter!
Boat tips precariously
And then it is gone.
Salmon, tuna, bass,
Bluefish, rainbow trout or brown,
Fun to catch and eat!
Forty at Grandma's
No one brought food enough
Cousins must rescue.

Mixed some bacon grease
in a peanut butter jar
grabbed some fishin gear.

Out to the bayou
four rigs, six hooks on each rig,
mounted on Y sticks.

Dip each hook in jar;
put rig on sticks in water;
finish fourth rig, AND

Start pulling cat fish
from the first stick and reload.
Fish to feed 40

Return to Grandma's
one hour after leaving, with
fish cleaned and ready

to bread and fry with
hush puppies and potatoes.
Every one ate to full.

Wish I knew today
What Cousin Bobby put in
jar with bacon grease.

Boss of the fishes
at Wyoming Game & Fish
Anchors away, Mark
Fish Heads Fish Heads
Laughing Happy Fish Heads
Eat them up, Yum!
Two fish swim against
themselves. Pisces, why do you
work against self?

Peek out my window
Serviceberry is blooming
The shad are running!
Phishing scheme. So sad
scammers taking advantage
someone falls for it.
filet, speckled skin
flour, salt, pepper and spice
pan, butter sizzles...
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