Tuesday, July 04, 2017


Chris Christie in the news for the wrong reasons

Almost always, when I say something about politics and IPLawGuy disagrees, it turns out that he is right and I am wrong-- he just understands politics a lot better than I do. One of the rare exceptions involved Chris Christie. Back in 2014, I predicted that the Fort Lee bridge scandal would be a big problem for his presidential campaign.  IPLawGuy disagreed, saying "Non-issue. Gone in two weeks (barring some type of additional disclosures)" and noting correctly that "The people who got stuck in traffic do not live in Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, etc."  

It did follow Christie, though, and he is in trouble again with the same kind of tone-deaf move. Because of a budget crisis, he closed some of the New Jersey beaches on this holiday weekend. Then he went on vacation at his residence on one of those beaches with his family. Then he said he "didn't get any sun." When a reporter showed his spokesperson a picture of him on the beach that day, the spokesperson said "he was wearing a hat."

It takes a lot to distract the nation from the Trunp administration, but Christie did it!

So very tone-deaf. Clueless to the extreme. Glad I'm not his public relations director.
Sigh. Wonder what he does for a job after the election this Fall?
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