Wednesday, July 19, 2017


A note from Jimmy Carter

As I have described before, in 2008 I was giving a lecture in Atlanta, and Jimmy Carter walked in. When I was done, he responded by urging me to do more than just talk, and his advice deeply affected me-- spurring me to litigate narcotics sentences and push for clemency, among other things. I described this encounter in my book Prosecuting Jesus.

Recently, I wrote to tell President Carter what his words had meant to me, and send him a copy of the book. This was his gracious response:

How lovely!
Mr. Carter has had the greatest post-presidency of the modern era. An earlier post-presidency of real note is that president that later became a Justice on the SCT.

The travesty is that many people think that Reagan was a better president.

The great fault of the Carter presidency was agreeing, at the suggestion of a former Republican SOS, to allow the Shan to come to the U.S. for medical treatment, leading to the uprising in Tehran, and the capture of the embassy personnel. That episode included behind the scenes contact between candidate Reagan and the Iranian leaders to hold the hostages until after Carter left office, in exchange for some inappropriate favors from the new Reagan administration.

I love President Jimmy Carter. What a wonderful role model. His post Presidency has been stellar. He has lived a wonderful life.

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