Thursday, May 25, 2017


Political Mayhem Thursday: So, what do you do?

The bombing in Manchester this week-- at an Ariana Grande concert attended mostly by young girls and their parents-- was heinous and appalling. It illustrates the divide between the civilized world and radical Muslim extremists.

President Trump has been criticized for simply calling the terrorists "losers," a term he has applied to everyone from Hillary Clinton to Rosie O'Donnell. Admittedly he was off visiting with the Pope, and did not have his usual resources at hand.

Still... what is the right response?

He should definitely fly right over to Syria and meet with them. The sooner the better, and maybe bring Pence for back up. Every non-loser needs a wingman.
He did try to say that calling them "monsters" would be playing into what the terrorists want, so there was some attempt at context by saying they were (simply) "evil losers" instead. But he just doesn't have the vocabulary or the emotional subtlety or empathy to convey pretty much anything of substance. I don't think there's any hope that he will ever be able to find the words to express concepts with more precision (if your question is only about what Trump should say when terrorist incidents happen).

As for what he should do to help stop terrorist acts: stop trying to ban people from some Muslim countries from entering the US, and stop antagonizing our intelligence-gathering community, as a start.
Still thinking about this ..... Trump calling the terrorists losers instead of monsters or radical Islamic extremists might be worse. "Losers" seems like such a testosterone-fueled, trash-talking thing to say that it might irritate these guys (usually they're guys; could be women) at a more personal level. At the very least, Trump embarrasses the US with his lame vocabulary; at worst, he might be raising the hackles of people who are going to do harm.

Amy - you are right when you say he lacks the vocabulary and emotional make up to convey things of substance. This man is missing some very necessary wiring in his brain. Many have talked of his being a narcissist but I would put money on him also being somewhere on the autism spectrum (if tested). I should no longer be amazed by his behavior or what comes out of his mouth but it still stuns me on most days. Pushing people to get to the front with just dismissive glances, the whole package (45 and company) is embarrassing. One does not have to be a buffoon and pompous ass but that is the sad face of our nation.
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