Monday, May 22, 2017


Haiku on quiet moments....

Not every day involves touching a glowing orb with some Saudi guy who looks kind of freaked out. No, some days are quiet, and that is good. We haikued about that last week, and the results were fabulous.

First, I have to say, Gavin has totally nailed this form. I love what he does, including this:

Stars give way to dawn
Sleeping bag hugs my body
Air is crisp and cold

Coffee sounds so good
But my pack is over there
Just five more minutes.

And OsoGrande! Whoever you are, just keep on doing what you do...

Wordsworth wrote: world is
too much with us near and soon
lays waste our powers.


Who am I? Sounds like a Jean Valjean question

I personally thought Medievalist had the best one, truest to the spirit of the assigned task.

And Christine's contribution evoked the Jimmy Buffett song, "Beautiful Swimmers" for me.
Thanks for the nod, Oso, but I also enjoyed your work quite a bit.
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