Friday, May 26, 2017


Haiku Friday: What are you planting?

Yes, I know that this is a total set-up for Christine, but I think the rest of it can have fun with it, too. It IS that time of year, after all.

Of course, you can construe this subject broadly-- feel free to refer to planting a good or bad idea in someone else's mind, or planting you flag in a new land.  Just have some fun with it!

Here, I will go first:

Hardy through the year
Can survive harsh winters, heat
Who? Minnesotans!

Now it is your turn! Use the 5/7/5 pattern and show us what you've got!

Nineteen sev'ty nine,
I discovered Spain so
Now it is my home.
In England they are
Trees, purple and red, heads bowed
Forever.Beribbon'd mouths.
Where does not matter
Plant what will endure, legacy
Sow the seeds of truth
I plant many things
flowers, edibles, trees... and
even ideas

Down in my garden
a flower upon a stem
defies gravity
Not planting: pumpkins
Grew succulent balls of fruit
Critters ate them all!
A red trumpet droops
Hummingbird seeks sweet nectar
Match made in heaven
We experiment...
Maters, Cukes, Okra, Peppers...
But Squash, no never
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