Wednesday, May 24, 2017


Goat cheese and obstacles

My parents are in Provence this month. It seems they are having a great time, too. In fact, I'm just going to rip off his blog post for this week because I think it is really wonderful. The photo and words below are his, not mine. You should check out the whole thing here.

Sometimes obstacles are put in your way. There is a lot of lamb and goat cheese dished out in this lush agricultural area. It seemed every time we got in the car we ran into the source. All traffic stops and gives way as the dogs and their masters use the narrow roads to bring the beasts to higher ground each spring. No one minds as the world slows down at times like this. No one creates a new law to prevent this from ever happening again. Smiling people ran out of their shops to observe this springtime tradition. This is the way that life is here.

I love this. In a small way, it reminds me of when a snowstorm would hit Denver (where I lived for nearly 20 years) and be BIG enough to stop things for a day or two (and even 4 days, when a March storm of 30 inch average across 6 counties struck about 3 days before Geo. Bush invaded Iraq in 2003). This "sheep break" is only a short delay compared to a snowstorm, but anyway, that is what I thought of. The peace and quiet enveloping a big city after a snowstorm is vaguely similar to this.
time for goat haiku I think

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