Saturday, April 15, 2017


What is the deal with Peeps?

Every year at this time, I see Peeps everywhere. I have some questions.

First of all, what are they supposed to be? Little chickens? And if so, how is that an Easter thing?

Second, what are you supposed to do with one? I once tried to eat a Peep, and it is clear that that's not their intended purpose. Do they form some kind of adhesive or something?

Finally, what is the nexus to Easter? There seems to be a lot I am missing...

The intended purpose of Peeps is to put toothpicks in their tummies, put two of them in the microwave, turn it on and watch them joust.
When I grew up in Romania my Greek grandmother used to dye red eggs for Easter, red for the blood of Christ and egg as a symbol of eternal life and resurrection. There was no Easter bunny (a tradition that changed nowadays). On my first Easter in America I wondered what's up with the Bunny?! What's the rabbit nexus to Easter? Found out it was the old Lutherans' version of a Hallmark holiday gimmick. And the Peeps? Well, I venture to assume it was an experiment gone very wrong when the Easter Bunny hatched the Easter eggs, marshmallow peeps came out and lent penitence requires you eat them!! That is the Peeps nexus to Easter.
Make s'mores out of them in place of the traditional marshmallow.

Roast them over a fire and the sugar caramelizes. Let it cool a minute (they get crazy hot) so they harden slightly. Build s'more as normal.

Only way to make these things edible.
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