Wednesday, April 05, 2017


My Dream Car

Every once in a while, I imagine what my dream car would be. It changes over time, and it varies according to where I live (snow was not a factor in Texas after all). Right now, in the place I am, here are the attributes I would like in a car:

-- All wheel drive
-- Hybrid
-- Pretty good performance (i.e., 0-60 in less than 8 seconds)
-- A hatch or small SUV configuration
-- A half-decent interior, at least

No, that car does not currently exist... but what is close?

We have been very happy with our Honda CRV. Not a hybrid, but highway mileage is above 30 mpg and town mileage above 20 mpg. Lots of cargo space and good anchors for kid seats. Do not know if AWD is available.
For someone who grew up in Detroit and spent 10 years in Texas your criteria are befuddling, but I believe you are describing the 2017 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid. Available in 3 trims. 0-60 in 7.8 (per Motor Trend). Electronic AWD.
Golf R, except for the hybrid part.
Brad, the R is on top of my list! I had a Golf a long time ago, and really loved it...
I just bought a Subaru Crosstrek but was also looking at the VW Alltrak. I really wanted the Alltrak but my other half was all pissy on VW so I kept the peace and went with the Subaru.
I thought that might be up your alley. You could describe it as the love child of an E39 530 and a Mazdaspeed 3. I like it a lot.
I had a Mazdaspeed3... great car (but not for Minnesota).
The Alltrak is the VW Golf Alltrak and is AWD. My last VW got excellent highway MPG.

Mini Cooper Countryman: has everything though it's not a hybrid. The gas mileage is average . . . but it's an awesome car otherwise. I rented one for a week and loved it.
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