Friday, April 14, 2017


Haiku Friday: Chocolate

A while ago I copied down this poem by Megan Willome, which I found at her always-worthwhile blog, Have Tea, Will Write.

It is kind of about chocolate, but not really. What stuck in my head was this line: "I like people who do not like me back..."

At first, I empathized with that view, thought "yeah, I am like that!" Then I recoiled, think "yikes, am I like that?" The revulsion was born of the sense that if you like people (or institutions) that do not like you back, you probably lack self-esteem.

But then another thought came. Isn't it really the case that it takes great belief in one's own value to like people who don't like you back-- isn't a sign that your own self-worth is not dependent on what others may think, and that you can even recognize the good in people unlike you?

So, anyways... let's haiku about chocolate this week. Or, if you would like, something else.  Here, I will go first:

Chocolate bunny
I nibble your ear and stop
It just feels... heartless.

At night, in the dark
I put you in the freezer
And there you still sit.

Now it is your turn! Use the 5/7/5 syllable pattern and have some fun.

When I Say

I like peanut butter
You call me a chocolate-hater

And when I say I like chocolate
You say never trust anyone who despises peanut butter

Like the ad said, I like peanut butter in my chocolate
I like chocolate in my peanut butter

I like rain and sun, night and day, dogs and cats
(big ones, like lions), salty and sweet, coffee and tea,
wine and craft beer, beach and mountains, stars in the sky
and stripes on zebras

There are things I do not like, which fall under my unalienable right
to not pursue things that lead to unhappiness, like roadkill.

I like people who do not like me back, and if we meet again,
I’d like to share a package of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

one for You
one for Me

Thank you, Mark. What a kind gift. Love your chocolate bunny haiku.
Love that you highlighted Megan, whom I love, here.

He ate the pasta
In the garden of olives
then brought me a mint
I will think about chocolate haiku and maybe come back.

I clicked on the "Have Tea, Will Write" link in your post. It led me to a poem that ended "Buckle up, buttercup. There is no return trip." So painfully real right now...

Thank you for sharing this.
Scott Evil is your guide
You are overthinking this,
Just eat the bunny!
"Dad, I have a gun!
Right there in my room! Just shoot
Them already, Dad!"

Scott Evil
Some Tanqueray and
Chocolate bunnies. That's it.
IPLawGuy's lunch.
Eating chocolate,
Sinful road to perdition,
All over my face.
Sweet brown bunny ears!
Sugar shock as I take a bite...
Hollow rabbit. Doh!
One of twelve Zen rules:
"Do just one thing at a time."
Smell; taste; chocolate in the mouth.
Deep in my pocket
some coins, lint, one M&M
my day ends OK

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Oops. Technical difficulties. Try again:

Add chocolate to hops.
Sounds like a beer recipe;
Also makes bunnies.
I second Sandra King on the Megan love :)
oops! Must have been very tired...... I did a 5-7-7 Haiku! :-(
last line, "Smell; taste the chocolate."
Day 5. Field training.
MRE has M&Ms
Score! It's a good day.

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