Monday, April 17, 2017



Yeah, that topic brought out some good haiku!

Like this from Gavin:

Day 5. Field training.
MRE has M&Ms
Score! It's a good day.

This one from Olivia is all the more interesting given that she is a food scientist:

Add chocolate to hops.
Sounds like a beer recipe;
Also makes bunnies.

My dad's rang true:

Deep in my pocket
some coins, lint, one M&M
my day ends OK.

TRW Joe had good advice:

One of twelve Zen rules:
"Do just one thing at a time."
Smell; taste; chocolate in the mouth.

The Medievalist's advice was less useful:

Eating chocolate,
Sinful road to perdition,
All over my face.

IPLawGuy knows my taste in movies:

Scott Evil is your guide
You are overthinking this,
Just eat the bunny!

And Sandra Heska King did that beautiful haiku thing-- told a tiny story:

He ate the pasta
In the garden of olives
then brought me a mint.

Fun. Thanks, Mark, for highlighting my wee haiku.
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