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A long time ago, as a federal prosecutor, I actually got a wiretap authorized. It was a long and exhaustive process. It also turned out to be very useful in making a case that really made a difference.

As the zaniness abounds in the White House, the latest oddity is President Trump's Saturday morning tweet accusing President Obama of tapping his phone in Trump Tower.

There doesn't seem to be any actual basis for the claim. And here is the deal: While there is little chance that Obama authorized a wiretap on Trump's phone (in large part because Presidents don't do that-- judges authorize a tap after a prosecutor submits a motion seeking one), there is a decent chance that something else happened. That something else is this: the FISA court may have authorized, properly, the monitoring of communications to and from Russian officials. Then, once that monitoring was in place, it may have captured conversations between Trump or his associates and those Russians. 

If that is true, I'm not sure the President wants the information out there...

The Republican President publicly accused a citizen of being a felon and asked for action to be taken. President Trump's staff in the past have threatened legal action against other tweeters.
Can President Obama bring any legal action? If so, can this be the moment when we can get access to important info?
Thank you for explaining the process. I find the ridiculousness of this man just beyond the pale. He sends these tweets on late Friday night/Saturday morning to keep his name in the weekend news cycle with total disregard for the consequences.
Dad-- I think the information will come out anyways... and it won't be good for Trump.
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