Sunday, March 26, 2017


Sunday Reflection: Blessed

There is something I really love about this picture of me with Jason Hernandez yesterday in my Dad's studio in the Eastern Market. It is the painting above me-- the one where they guy looks like he is blessing us.

It epitomizes how I feel.  I know how fortunate I am to have a week like this. I got to teach bright and engaged students, a job that I love. I got to introduce them to Rudy Martinez, whose freedom was won through the hard work of people at St. Thomas. My weekend was spent with my parents and Jason Hernandez, who wrote his way to freedom. There is something deeply powerful about that. After all, in the book of Genesis God speaks the world into existence. Jason wrote himself back into a world that had cast him out, a sentence of life without parole for a first-time non-violent drug crime.  

One of the deep joys of this life is to see and know and embrace and give thanks for the grace we are given, and I am full of joy.

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