Saturday, March 25, 2017



Is anyone else kind of burned out?

I have CNN fatigue. And yet, I can't seem to stop looking every half-hour or so. That said, the trajectory seems to be getting better; the Trump administration's worst ideas are running into roadblocks in Congress and the courts, and it seems possible that Democrats will be something more than just a party of rejection.

But maybe I should stop watching...

Me too. It's one of a handful of channels in English that I get in Bosnia, so it's what I watch. But this week it's been harder to watch.

The crazy thing is how much the rest of the world not only watches, but actively covers, U.S. politics. Last night I was flipping the channels and the BBC, Sky News from England, RAI from Italy, to name a few, were interviewing their correspondents in Washington. I heard almost as much detail about the failed Obamacare repeal from the BBC reporter as I would from CNN. It's impossible to avoid Trump news even outside the U.S.

It's been amusing, too, this week to see foreign channels interviewing college basketball coaches, asking them to explain March Madness.
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