Wednesday, March 22, 2017


Music in 2017

Did I change, or did music?

Through about the 90's, I kind of understood music. There were bands I liked; I bought their music and sometimes went to concerts. Then something weird happened-- it seemed like there weren't as many bands out there to follow. Sure, I followed some groups and went to concerts, but somehow once radio got divided up between people yelling about politics, sports call-in shows, country music, yucky pop by auto-tuned adolescents, and classic rock, there just didn't seem to be music by bands formed after 1980. 

So... am I missing something? 

We listen to lots of music and go to lots of concerts. And although my tastes are eclectic I don't really prefer getting my ear drums blasted out any longer. And if they come to town I would recommend the Trucks Tedeschi Band. I do not recommend Joe Bonnamasa unless it is a large outdoor venue; too loud, even with earplugs. Jazz seems to soothe my aging soul.
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