Monday, March 27, 2017


Haiku of Detroit

Wow! There were some great entries last Friday.  I loved this one from my dad (whose own blog documents the "solid beat" and includes the great painting by Kadir Nelson above):

cold and rusting city
jerking back to life always
with a solid beat.

Christine described (most) of my Saturday:

Coney Dogs, Greektown,
Eastern Market and Belle Isle,
Icey craft cocktails.

IPLawGuy got all excited:

MC Five, Iggy!
Motown Roster, Bob Seger
Detroit ROCK & ROLL!

And Craig captured part of my own feelings (shoot, I still miss Olympia!):

Mourning closing Joe,
Home of Red Wings glory on ice,
Toast ‘em with a Stroh(s).

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