Friday, March 24, 2017


Haiku Friday: Detroit

Today is going to be a pretty great day.

It'll start with meeting my friend Ron Fournier for breakfast in Detroit's Eastern Market, then heading over to speak at Wayne State as part of this symposium.  It is going to be a first for me, and a good one-- out of 19 panelists, I am the only white male. 

Later, I will head to the airport to pick up Jason Hernandez, who will be spending the weekend with me and my parents as we prepare our work on a super-secret (for now) project...

So, it's a good day to be in Detroit. Let's haiku about that city today: what you think of it, a memory, maybe even a car that you liked. Here, I will go first:

Soft light on wood beams
A view across my lifeline
Motor City boy, home.

City on the cusp.
Slow death? Maybe revival?
Which road will she take?
Mourning closing Joe,
Home of Red Wings glory on ice,
Toast ‘em with a Stroh(s)

My Chevy Vega,
Lime green, three speed, designed
In Detroit it was.
MC Five, Iggy!
Motown Roster, Bob Seger
Detroit ROCK & ROLL!

Hooked up in a scuffle
Dressed in snakeskin suits packed
with Detroit muscle

--Springsteen misquoted into ALMOST a Haiku
68 Plymouth
Rattled, burned, coughed till
it hit Seventy.
Detroit, "Middlesex,"
By Jeffrey Eugenides
Was written for you.

oh wait; that's in Canada...
The Motor City
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cold and rusting city
jerking back to life always
with a solid beat

Like a cat, nine lives;
Great renaissance, redux,
The wheel spins again
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A Saturday afternoon in Detroit...

Coney Dogs, Greektown,
Eastern Market and Belle Isle,
Icey craft cocktails
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