Tuesday, February 21, 2017


The 54th

I love this picture, one of my dad's, which shows up on his blog this week. My brother is a drummer; I grew up with casually tossed drumsticks.

Plus, the artist is here to celebrate my birthday today. It's a weird thing to celebrate, really, like the flipping of an odometer, but I'll take it. I love the desserts. And the excuse to love the people who share them, and those who can't.

Happy Birthday
No wonder you and Bob Darden became friends! Hope you have a happy birthday.
Happy, Happy!
Happy Birthday! February birthdays are the best!
Spending time with you has made me aware that you are still trying to make sense of things.
This makes me proud.
Happy Birthday Mark. You are aging well for a Detroit guy that is stuck between pulling for the Twins or the Tigers. That would age anybody. To make matters worse, you have had to maintain a polite relationship with one of those (if not more) insufferable Cubs fans … not to name names. Tests one's soul. So, my friend, glory in your day. Go Twins … go Tigers!
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