Saturday, February 04, 2017


Super Bowl: So what?

Not that I am a nut for the NFL, but I usually find myself somewhat interested. That's especially true of the Super Bowl, which is a pretty good spectacle as those things go. But... I'm not feeling it this year. Maybe it is the flood on my Twitter feed of people either exuberant over recent developments or declaring that "We all live in Crazy Town now!" Maybe it's the weather. I don't know.

I do know that I am up for some more puppy videos:

Somewhere along the way I became a fan of Brady and Belichick (but not always; I rooted for the NY Giants to beat them both times). But they earned my grudging respect over time. I cannot help but appreciate the discipline and dedication they demonstrate. Now. Brady is too old to carry a clearly less-talented team on his shoulders, and Belichick cannot always figure out how to beat more with less, right? I am NOT optimistic about the Pats (even as they are favorites), but I am interested in watching both the physical contest and the game of wits that is always just below the surface in this wholly American ultimate test of will.
And Lady Gaga?
Lady Gaga? Maybe. Or is it Madonna? Or Janet Jackson? Mick Jagger? The halftime show is actually the part that I sometimes have trouble getting excited about. Generally a good moment to catch up with friends.
I love Responsible Dog!
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