Thursday, February 16, 2017


Political Mayhem Thursday: Can something unravel if it was never raveled?

There are times that watching a political collapse is like watching a soaring airplane that loses airspeed and then slowly descends, spiraling in the wind.

That isn't what is happening now; the plane never got off the ground. The Trump administration just blew up the engines and then ran around in the flames. 

The latest? Trump aides were in regular contact with Russian spies before the election. This is just... unbelievably bad. Look, I was one of those people who was critical of Hillary Clinton because of her carelessness with data. But what was the worst that could happen with that? That maybe Russia would get a hold of it? But now, it turns out that the Trump people were just calling up the Russian spies directly.

Can it get worse? Will it? 

Here is my prediction: In a few months, we will be looking a whole new crew in the White House around Trump. Chris Christie will be there and a bunch of others, familiar and unfamiliar. And the crazy will continue.

Or the public will getup in arms, and enough Congressional Rs will revolt and find a way to impeach Trump. Pence will be President, but with a much more insidious plan. But he will not be elected in his own right. cf. Gerald Ford.
What did the President know, and when did he know it?
Some of these people are tightly raveled together: Bannon, Miller and Garko; KellyAnne is already unraveled and very frazzled. Spicer is an island state. After that it appears everything is unraveled, no cohesiveness except for those leaking information.

I think the Congressional Rs will revolt once he has done their bidding via, however poorly worded, executive actions. They can impeach or use Article 25; either will work when the time comes. One can hope that a VP pick by Pence would not be as scary as what we currently have in combination. The thought of Cheney becoming President always protected Bush 43.

ps... you have been quite serious and introspective on the Razor this week.
Hey, don't drag Jackson Pollack into this. He made beauty out of chaos.
I agree with Micah.

I have always wanted to untangle his paintings to see what was underneath. I would like to see some uncovered canvas.

The public and press will have to untangle the Republicon President's affairs to see the ugliness that potentially lies just under the tangle.

The Republicon party is doing everything to keep the lid on information. They know something or fear the mess that they would find. They apparently need the disarray to conceal their agenda. The Repubicon party created the situation and has to called out if they do nothing.

Only if an Independent Counsel is created and Presidom Trump's taxes and debts are made public can anyone look at the Republicons as a legitimate party. If they continue to place politics over national interests there should be massive bipartisan outrage directed at all Republicons.

When I saw Jackson Pollock as your choice to illustrate today’s topic I thought…chaos! and same as Micah I thought it doesn’t fit. But you may have point in that watching chaos is mesmerizing, only Pollock uplifts and The Donald stuns.
It's hard to fathom. But this nuttiness is "Playing in Peoria." Thanks to Gerrymandering, most Republican members of Congress only have to worry about GOP Primary voters. (same for the Democrats).

It seems unsustainable, but the anti-immigrant, "round em up" rhetoric has a lot of people super happy and excited.

My guess, it will take an international incident and bungled U.S. Military action to get his supporters to start to question Pres. Trump.
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