Tuesday, February 07, 2017



So... I had a piece in the Waco Tribune Herald on Sunday, which basically recaps how I was wrong about Donald Trump.  You can read that here.

But, two other things really made the weekend. First, the Super Bowl... yeah, I did watch it. The whole thing. And I'm glad I did!

Second, there was this:

President Trump is largely a failed businessman. His bankruptcies are the obvious example, but more telling is what he has done with his father's money.; very little.

He has grown that pile of cash, yes, but not to the extent that most people in his position would have. This fact is best illustrated by the fact that if he had put his money in a stock-market index fund and walked away, he would have far more money now, then he does.

He has been far more effective at growing his brand.

(Argument and facts borrowed from a news story I read some time ago, but don't have readily available.)
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