Saturday, February 18, 2017


Crazy Warm Minnesota Winter

Yesterday it was 63 degrees here-- eight degrees above the record high for that day. It's really weird. I know there are people who think Minnesota is just too cold (i.e., pretty much everyone else in America), but Minnesota NEEDS to be cold! We have rinks that are melting, ski areas losing snow... it just isn't right.

Here in Waco, we have set records for date highs several times this year already. Global warming is a fact. And the additional atmospheric energy is making for crazy weather, including more highs, more lows (!), longer droughts and bigger floods and deeper snows.

There can be a dispute about the cause, but the warming itself is generally undisputed in the scientific community. And most scientists who work in areas like atmospheric chemistry, fully believe methane and carbon dioxide, along with some lesser pollutants, are the cause, with mechanisms that are well supported.
Clearing my garden beds today in Durham. Temps heading into the low 70s. Windows and screen doors are open to air out the house. It is making it difficult to count bird types since they aren't visiting the feeders.
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