Tuesday, January 31, 2017


Sally Says No. Gets Fired.

Yesterday, Acting Attorney General Sally Yates announced that so long as she was in charge of the Department of Justice, the Department will not enforce the travel restrictions imposed by President Trump's executive order. That lasted about three hours, as Trump fired her as fast as he could.

Yates is a holdover from the Obama Administration; she was the Deputy Attorney General from 2015 through the end of the administration. When Loretta Lynch resigned as Attorney General just before the inauguration, Yates was named Acting AG. Since Sen. Sessions had not been confirmed as AG, she was the Acting head of the Department.

Things are moving pretty fast these days, huh?

The important challenge to Trump's antics will come from within the President's party. They will have to step up and take a risk.

Will that happen?

So in the name of keeping out refugees, people already deemed to not be a threat to the US, Trump has made it harder to get FISA warrants, which help us gather intelligence on people who ARE potentially a threat to the US. "Aggressive incompetence" is how I would describe Trump's leadership style thus far.
The new Republicon party is way ahead of and certainly behind their President.
The base is firmly on board and continues to be terrified of others as they are instructed daily. Their influence in 2018 primary races will mute current Republicons actions.
The courts with jurists with lifetime appointments are are the only hope to protect the citizens.

This is going to be a very difficult battle for the soul of our country.

To answer your question...No, the challenge from within will not come! At least not until some of their agenda gets to pass. Meanwhile America that didn’t vote for him or is immune to his brand of demagogic brainwash will get a little taste of dictatorship. I can vouch it won’t taste good.
Wait till the budget battle begins. Trump is writing checks the GOP does not want to cover.
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