Thursday, January 26, 2017


Political Mayhem Thursday: So, do deficits matter?

There are some things that I agree with Republicans about. One of them is that deficits matter, and that the federal government should spend less money and (when reasonable) raise more. 

 So why don't I vote for Republicans? Because they say they care about deficits, but they don't act like it when they are in power. Reagan put the Soviet Union in a bad place through outrageous spending on military arms. George W. Bush spent trillions of taxpayer dollars on wars and Medicare Part D. 

In addition to raising taxes more readily, Democratic administrations (particularly when checked by Republican control of at least one house of Congress) actually grow federal spending at a slower rate:

So... now we are entering a period in which Republicans control both houses of Congress and the presidency, and here is what they are talking about:

-- lowering taxes
-- spending lots of additional money on the military
-- building a wall on the southern border (and paying for it)

So, what gives? Why do people believe Republicans when they say they will constrain spending if we elect a Republican president?

Professor Osler
I noticed that their is a lot of talk about how officer Bradley has now been released with a commute sentence. I am wonder if you can give your opinion on clemency for federal inmates. Do you believe that other federal inmates will be commuted during this Presidency?
Um... this Presidency? Trump?
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