Monday, January 09, 2017


Poems about Papers

I love the Waco Farmer's enthusiasm!

L.A. Times was BEST!
As a youth I was convinced.
Sports Page. Scott Ostler!

While Noel loved a paper that I love, too:

The Washington Post,
my constant companion
each dawn without fail.

While the Waco Friend had a more developed (and fascinating) story:

Akron Beacon Journal's
Knight opposed Viet Nam
war in '54!

Repub publisher
kept that course, said US pushed
Ho to Soviets!

Blamed the ignorance
of the Dulles brothers at
State and CIA.

And IPLawGuy added a bit of reality:

No paper for me
Just played with my guns
Didn't know how to read.

John S. Knight had lost a son in military service. He was a true patriot who did not believe that we should align U.S. interests with colonial powers like the French in Viet Nam, as that would result in them seeking assistance from and aligning with the Soviets or the Chinese. The Dulles brothers had an opportunity to have Ho Chi Minh come to the U.S. to plead his case and threatened him, if he came, of being turned over to the French. The Dulles brothers were afraid of Viet Nam becoming a satellite of China, then communist, ignorant that the Viet Namese hated the Chinese due to their enslavement as a colony of China over centuries. Knight was right, the Dulles were wrong.
I agree with Waco Friend re: Knight and the Akron Beacon Journal, our afternoon paper when I was a kid in Ohio. We also got the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

We got the Washington Post and Washington Star and I delivered both. As well as the Virginia Sentinel.
Well, I just admire your honesty about not being able to read.
I inhaled. I consumed.

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