Monday, January 23, 2017


New to Haiku! (at least at the Razor)

I think people were either celebrating the inauguration or depressed on Friday. Nevertheless, we got some gems. It is always good to learn history from the Medievalist, of course:

Oh Millard Fillmore,
Better than Berlusconi,
and Washington weeps.

We had some great newcomers, too! Like TRW Joe:

Good man Obama,
Thanks again for your service.
Sunny skies always...

And Cully Lipsey:

Tippecanoe died
Who knows how he would have led?
Was this God's blessing?

Thank you all!

Thanks again, Marcos, for the opportunity to rise above the mundane noise of every day life, and actually be a poet. I really appreciate it.
I've never written Haiku in my 63 years until here. My Lake Air Jr. High English teacher, Mrs. Lazenby in Waco would have had us doing it, except that probably very few, if any, knew about Haiku.
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