Friday, January 13, 2017


Haiku Friday: Your favorite state!

One of the things I love about the US is the goofy way we divide the country into states with really no rhyme or reason to it. California: Huge! Populous! Wildly varying terrain!  Delaware: Tiny! Small population! Pretty much all flat!

Of course, there are states that we love. Let's haiku about that today. It doesn't have to be your home state (though it can be).

Here, I will go first:

Virginia, what's up?
Longer than I think, smarter
Than people expect.

Now it is your turn! Just use the 5/7/5 syllable pattern, and have some fun!

You, Big Sky Country,
Montana, High..Wide..Handsome.
Sunsets, peaceful smiles....
Florida! Playground
For Trump and all his cronies
America's Shlong.
Northern Idaho
Mountains, lakes, streams, trout. Heaven!
But with better beer.

"America's Shlong" will be hard to um.. beat.

Con men, Grifters, Bugs
Beautiful coasts, flat inland
No Thanks Florida

Ohio, Midwest
Every visit makes me
wish we had not left
New Hampshire: Live Free
Or Die! Mountains to ocean,
It's wicked awesome!
Dairy and beer, yes
but also rivers, lakes, pines
Wisconsin: God's land

Minnesota wilds
Needs the deep deep cold night air
To kill off the beetles.
IPLaw guy. You comment here and on the newspaper haikus suggest a NE Ohio growing up place. Would love to talk with you more about that. Osler has my permission to provide you my email address. BTW mine was in Summit County.
Sure! I lived in Medina from the time I was 6 mos. til I was almost 9. (1960-Dec. 1968) We moved when I was in third grade. We used to shop at Summit Mall.
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