Tuesday, January 03, 2017


Almost 100 years later, a subway line appears

I'm sometimes in New York, and ride the subway when I can. It's efficient, but mostly I love the people-watching there.

On New Year's Eve, the long-awaited Second Avenue line finally opened. It was an idea first floated in the 1920's, but kept getting delayed for a variety of New York-ish reasons, like wild financial downturns.

With the opening of the first three stations, it is clear that one great feature will be the public art. Chuck Close photos are used:

It also includes this piece by Vik Muniz, the first non-political public art with an LGBT subject in New York:

I can't wait to see it-- and thanks for the tip on this from local expert Marta!

The guy with the balloons looks like Det. Dietrich (Steve Landesberg) on the Barney Miller show.
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