Monday, December 26, 2016


The Songs...

IPLawGuy, do you think everyone knows who "Little Joey Farr" is? Wait, was that the guy from M.A.S.H.?

Rock 'N Roll Santa
Little Joey Farr Single
Always Makes me smile. 

Christine poses a good question (one I have asked myself before):

Have always wonder'd
Who is Good King Wenceslas?
Follow the North Star?

And Megan Willome sent me on a little research venture with this one:

This Christmas only
Judy Garland and Tootie
by the grand window.

This was my first year to warch "Meet Me in St. Louis." I may have started a new tradition.
1. Everyone SHOULD know Little Joey Farr. The flip side to "Rock & Roll Santa" also rocks: (I want a) "Big White Cadillac" (for Christmas)

2. King Wencelas has a square named for him in Prague. And I knew this even without looking at The Google.
Never seen Meet Me in St. Louis. Must see... I favor Christmas in Connecticut.

As for the Good King...I find it an odd carol but one that always pops into my head.

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