Tuesday, December 27, 2016


Hurry Up!

The podcast is up for last weekend's NPR "On the Media" piece where I got to talk to Brooke Gladstone about clemency.  She was great-- as was her staff-- and it is well timed.

You can hear it here at about 18:30 into the first segment.

One of the fun things about doing national radio is that people hear it and are surprised to hear my voice. I have the same reaction when I hear an old friend on the radio when I was not expecting it-- Bob Darden or Ron Fournier opining on something they know well.  It's a great medium that way; a string that connects us with just a voice.

I love that voice memories are like scent memories. They are ingrained and we can stand with our backs to someone, unbeknownst to us, many years later, hear their voice and know immediately who it is.
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