Friday, December 02, 2016


Haiku Friday: The Paper

I love newspapers. In the last year, I have gotten to tour three of the papers I have read for a long time (and that have published my stuff): The New York Times, the Washington Post, and the Waco Tribune-Herald. All of it fascinates me, and it is amazing to see the places where some of my heroes work (and there are some in all three of those places).

Let's haiku about newspapers this week! It can be about your favorite story, or an old paper you loved, or perhaps your ideal headline. 

Here, I will go first:

Came home every noon
Each day in high school; eat lunch
And read the Free Press.

Now it is your turn; just use the 5/7/5 formula and have some fun!

Post, Times, Trib-Herald?
when do you tour "The Paper"
of note, The Onion?
We got Press-Journal
My brother got the sports, and
I grabbed what mattered.

Read the Star Tribune
Leaning to the far, far, left
Need the Wall Street Journal.
Some Heroes: Lou Grant,
Woodstein, Jack Webb in 30;
Gotta see Spotlight.
Used to read papers,
No time anymore to read,
Sadly nostalgic.
Lou Grant, my hero
Too bad he was fictional
Like so many others.
Sunday New York Times!
Best read in front of the fire
On a winter's night.
Opinion fan, I
Want to be next Maureen Dowd,
David Brooks; how fun!

First publication
on the front page
Westlake Picayune
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