Saturday, December 24, 2016


Back in the 313

So, I am back in Detroit for the holidays, getting to catch up with some old friends (like Ron Fournier, pictured here) and remember what slush is like. It's good to be back.

One of the things I really love about this place is the unexpected things you stumble across. Yesterday, I was traversing a part of East Jefferson Ave. in Detroit that has been pretty desolate and forbidding for a long time-- the houses gone, burned, or barely hanging on, and the grand old buildings (like the Vanity Ballroom) slowly rotting away. I did find something new, though: Rock City Records, which had a nice selection of vinyl. Next door is Coffee and (...), where I found some pretty good pie. And that makes any day better, right?

Importantly, IPLawGuy likes both records and pie. If I tell him about this stuff, he may come back and finally make good on his promise to rescue my del Sol that he sunk in the lake...

Deal! Records, Pie and search and rescue mission of questionable legality! What's not to like?
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