Tuesday, November 29, 2016


The turn towards Christmas

Sigh. Thanksgiving is over-- my favorite holiday. And once again it was great in every way.

Now we take the turn towards Christmas. As a society, of course, we tend to jump right over Advent, but the Episcopalians and Catholics around me are reminding me not to do that. 

Still, I need to get the lights out. I need to make a cd of Christmas music. I need to go out and cut down a tree. It is easier to make that turn in Minnesota, when any day might bring snow and the frosty air is pretty reliable. On December 1 they will start building the hockey rink and the skating ring down in Arden Park a few blocks away, and smoke will show up over the warming hut and its wood stove. A walk at night by the skaters... that can fit into the quiet spirit of Advent.

We Lutherans are digging advent too (and putting up Christmas trees)
Good job, Lutherans!
Every Baptist church I have been associated with for the last 30 years has observed Advent.
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