Sunday, November 06, 2016


Sunday Reflection: One Nation

This week I gave three talks to three very different groups. The first audience was to about 700 people, nearly all of them under 24. The second was a smaller group, mixed in age. The third was a church group, mostly older. Three very different places, different groups, even very different parts of the country.  I gave a different talk each time (Other than teaching, I don't think I have ever given the same talk twice).

But... when I looked out each time, I saw the same thing: People who were willing to listen to me. That in itself is a remarkable thing, an act of grace. No one shouts me down or is rude, even though many do not agree with me. When questions are asked, they are respectful, thoughtful, and worthwhile.

It is more than I deserve. It's a realm that gives me hope, especially given the sad unpleasantness of this political season.

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