Thursday, November 03, 2016


Political Mayhem Thursday: Trump, Clinton, Comey, Arrrrgh!

I cannot read your post due to videos superimposed over it that I cannot remove, including reports I have watched elsewhere.

I am seeing a video about "ten cutest kittens" instead of your post.
The "ten cutest kittens" video is preferable to any discussion of politics today. We have even turned off NPR in favor of the local jazz station. Cubs Win...
According to 538, as of this morning, Donald Trump has a much better chance of winning election as President of the United States than the Chicago Cubs had of winning the World Series as of Sunday afternoon. Trump, Clinton, Comey, Arrrgh.
Waco Friend-- I just needed some cat videos.
But, if you want commentary, here is a little. Comey's actions don't seem outlandish to me. He told Congress he had viewed the relevant evidence. Then some new evidence turned up. Prosecutors are very sensitive to continuing duties to disclose evidence (this is very important in a criminal case; failure to do so is a serious ethical breach and can lead to sanctions or worse).
Yes. BUT, he did not know if it is new evidence or not, has no idea how it got onto that laptop (nor apparently does Abedin), and no idea whether it is even relevant to the investigation. So his statement is FALSE, without more of a caveat than he provided.
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