Tuesday, November 08, 2016


Political Mayhem Election Day....

First of all, this is going to happen (and it is worth revisiting):

Second, today we vote. I love election day; it always feels like some kind of fantastic civic holiday. I go over to my polling place and go in slowly because I love seeing all the mayhem outside with the local candidates swirling around and people waving signs.

The polls are converging around the idea of a four-point Clinton lead. The most likely (but not certain) outcome is a Clinton win and Trump disbelief in the authenticity of that win-- though there are a lot of ways we might be surprised.

Then we will, somehow, move on. Our political health right now seems pretty poor as the dialogue is profoundly negative. It's not just that the candidates have diverged on solutions to our problems, but they vividly disagree about what the problems are.  Trump sees immigration as a primary challenge to the nation's security, for example, and few Democrats would agree.

But what a luxury that is! We are not facing an existential crisis, one that could erode our continuing existence as a free and wealthy nation. It would be wonderful if one of the things we share on the other side of this election is a sense of gratitude...

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