Monday, November 28, 2016


Now THAT'S memorable!

There were lots of great haiku last week. But...

I'm not fond of anonymous comments generally, but whoever this anonymous is, he or she had a memorable Thanksgiving!

Slapped him in the face.
(My brother-in-law, that is)
It caused quite a stir.

What is a "Future MDIV Machine? The only MDIV I am aware of is a Master in Divinity. Obviously the shirt refers to something else, but you will have to enlighten me as to what. Additionally, I'm having a hard time reconciling that with the idea of placing it in future tense, or referring to such an endeavor as a machine. I am picturing a really excited undergrad that is entirely too excited about their future vocation, and still has something to learn about the nature of such an effort, including the fact that it is not really a mechanical endeavor, and that overly proud statements are generally frowned on.
Apparenlty MDIV is a thing, (other than a degree)
David-- I took the photo in Hong Kong. I assumed M Div was... you know, that thing you got at Fuller!
I'm not entirely proud of the moment, which is why I chose to post anonymously. However, I felt it was too good of a story to pass up writing a haiku about. Glad you found it entertaining! :)
Anonymous - I am sorry you were driven to such circumstances on Thanksgiving. May your December be much brighter.
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