Saturday, November 05, 2016


Jesus, Etc.

First, regarding Jesus: Tomorrow I will be talking about him at Colonial Church in Edina at 10:30. All are welcome!

Second, about the election. Here is how things look at the moment, according to CNN:

A few observations:

-- This race is very tight. If the five states in ugly mustard yellow on the map (Florida, Arizona, Nevada, North Carolina, and New Hampshire) got to Donald Trump, he will probably win. And... that could happen.

-- If Clinton wins, she will begin her term with two important entities bitterly opposing her. One is the bloc of hard-core Trump voters and supporters in Congress. The other is Vladimir Putin and his followers in Russia. Both present dangers that will be time-consuming and tricky.

-- If Trump wins, he will face unprecedented challenges in staffing his administration, given that his circle of advisors is small and he has largely pushed away both Democrats and the Republican establishment. The upper and middle management of the federal government does some very important work, and it is hard to imagine who Trump will draw into those positions.

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