Monday, November 14, 2016


Haiku in a new age

Wow! You guys did some good work. I admire Gavin's the most:

Five word short story
"For Sale: Pantsuits. Never worn."
That's the Heming-way!

Desiree (aka the Green Momster) told what must be the truth:

Indoor composting.
Sounds cool. Order worms online.
Fruit flies invade home.

David, are you SURE she liked you?

I liked her and she
liked me, so I kissed her lips,
then she ran away.

This from the Dirt Devil himself:

I was ten years old.
"Wait a sec! Vacuums clean things!
I'm done with laundry!"

Tried to vacuum the
dirt off of my clothes. Turns out
that there's a reason

You do laundry. You
can't clean with vacuums. Plus, I
kinda broke the vacuum.

And finally, Steve set out what others were thinking:

Molotov cocktails
Were sent to the D N C
By mad working people.

Well we did end up "dating" for about a year and a half. For a long time I always thought I was dorky for asking first. (She said yes) But then she ran away! What's up with that? (What's up with that! - Cue SNL song with said lyrics.)

I know that asking is the PC thing to do now. (Do people actually do that? Or are they just smart enough to "know.") But that isn't how they do it in the movies. I was a total dork, trying so hard not to let anyone know. And largely failing miserably at that endeavor. Freshman dating is very perplexing.

However for the record, looking back, it is hilarious. No shame here.
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