Friday, November 18, 2016


Haiku Friday: Oops!

Sometimes it just takes one little mistake to mess everything up... I'm certainly not immune. Just yesterday, I posted that it was "Haiku Friday." Oops.

Let's haiku about little mistakes, the ones that turn out to be important (or not). The human moments, you know?  Here, I will go first:

Seemed a good idea
To paint the van with house paint
That did not work out!

Now it is your turn... just show a little love, use the 5/7/5 syllable plan, and have some fun!

Why not elect the guy?
He seems like a harmless dude
And it'll be funny.
A report for work
Forgot the L in public
You can't trust spellcheck.
dyslexia makes
this all too frequent for me
This comment has been removed by the author.
Photo of pageant
winners captioned as "sinners."
Ladies not amused.

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