Saturday, October 08, 2016


What was wonderful this week....

On Thursday I was in DC at a meeting at the US Sentencing Commission (fun fact: they have their own flag!) when news came in that 102 more people received clemency from President Obama.

Here is the best part-- it wasn't that big a deal in the press. Unlike the first large batches, there was no rush explain what this meant or reaction from outraged opponents. It was just a government function operating as it should. That brought me great joy-- might this be "the new normal for clemency?"

And no, I don't think there was any causative link between my writing this on Tuesday and the grants coming on Thursday... that's just lucky timing.

Tomorrow I will be giving the sermon at First Covenant Church in Minneapolis (810 South 7th St., across from the new Vikings stadium) at 9:30. In part, we will be giving thanks for these newly free people. Please come!

That's wonderful, all around.

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