Wednesday, October 26, 2016


The Very Small World

Before some kind of major presentation, I sometimes will get a new tie. That way I have something related to the event, and, you know, a tie.

I started doing this in the 90's, before my first 6th Circuit argument. I drove down to Cincinnati the night before, and went to a store downtown to get a tie. While I was looking them over, a well-dressed older man struck up a conversation and gave me advice on what tie to get. The next day, at the argument, I realized that the kindly man was Judge Damon Keith, who was on the bench in front of me.

Getting ready for today's tangle with Rich Sullivan at Harvard Law School, I headed over to J. Press, the venerable men's shop near Harvard. Rich and I were classmates in law school, and as I was looking over the ties the shop had NPR on-- and soon the store was full of the voice of Alex Whiting, another classmate who now teaches here at Harvard Law, opining expertly about the decision of some African nations to pull out of the International Criminal Court. 

And yeah, I got a tie...

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