Wednesday, October 12, 2016


The Playoffs

Red Sox manager John Farrell (pictured here) led his team to a crushing defeat at the hands of the Cleveland Indians this week. Fittingly, they were defeated by the Indians on Indigenous Peoples Day, which might have been intentional.

Meanwhile, IPLawGuy's team, the Washington "Nationals," are doing a pretty good job against the Dodgers, which hopefully will put him in a better mood.

I'm on my way to Texas today, and folks there can't be too happy about the Rangers, who really stunk up the joint in being swept by the Blue Jays. I mean really-- you guys can't even beat Canadians. Sad.

Then there are the Cubs. I guess they are ok. What I am really waiting for, though, is the return of Steve Bartman. It's gotta happen, right? 

Here's hoping for a Cleveland-Chicago World Series, because some midwestern city will end up being very very happy.

Washington has not had a team in the World Series since 1933 and has not won since 1924. So we're more due than the Cubs who appeared as recently as 1945!
If Cleveland (1948) and the Cubs (1908) meet in the Series, that is a combined 176 years of frustration (if my math is right). Talk about over due!
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