Sunday, October 02, 2016


Sunday Reflection: Cheering for the team that is far behind

Even though I realize the moral ambiguities that go with it these days, I still love college football. I go to several games a year, and watch others on TV. When my favorite teams win, it makes me happier that it probably should.

A lot of times, though, my favorite teams don't win and sometimes they lose miserably. I was a loyal season ticket holder at Baylor when they were one of the worst teams in the BCS, and now I sometimes watch and cheer for schools (ie Carleton and Yale) that are just not very good this year.

When a team isn't very good, and the other team is scoring at will, people drift off. They usually do so quietly, and then don't come back the next game.

I don't though. I stay to the end and cheer for them anyways. There is a wistfulness to it, a deep blue, as you watch the players at the bench, the coaches kicking the turf.

It's good that God is eternal, and stays around. And, if Jesus is to be believed, God's favorites are the ones battered and bruised, still walking out to play another round on defense.

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