Thursday, October 20, 2016


Political Mayhem Thursday: Please, let this end!

I'm so discouraged by this presidential race. 

Last week I got to go back to Waco and speak at my beloved church, 7th and James, and to several classes at Baylor. I saw many wonderful friends, and made a few new ones. It was a wonderful few days.

As I left, I realized that no one had really talked about the election in all the time I was there. Was that because Texas is a one-party state, or were people just being kind? Perhaps it was some of each. 

How do you feel?

This topic, the presidential election, came up at the dinner table last evening at the church. The table at which I sat were all of one mind on the election, but the discussion was on the fact that others in the room are of the other mind. Perhaps the decision not to discuss the election was to preserve a level of unity in the church by not discussing a matter that could be divisive!
Recent polls show Texas is a tossup with 11% undecided.
And that is why I drove three hours to the beach yesterday. I needed to restore my spirit and regain control of my mind. As I walked toward the beach and had first sight of the sand I could feel tension releasing in my body. I listened to waves crash softly upon the shore, the smell of salty air, wet sand accumulating between my toes and they drying did all this and more. I watched the debate with like minded people and went to sleep. This morning I went back to the beach to watch the sun rise. Cathartic... and then drove back to Durham listening to the morning NPR lineup. I thanked my husband for allowing me this 24 hour break from life.
As part of my job, I often have military retirees in my office to get legal assistance (wills, etc). As you can imagine, some of them have very strong views about the election and can't wait to share them with someone. Or anyone. Or everyone.

I have instituted a strict "no politics" policy in my office. There are no exceptions.

One particular fella refused to abide, and after several warnings, I was going to end the appointment. Until his wife stepped in that is. One good "Oh shut up" , a slap on the arm, and a harsh look set him straight.

I'm pretty sure that she, just like me, can't wait for it all to be over either.
Texas is a 100-percent lock for Trump. No one here is happy about that--but it is probably the quintessential case of GOP voters holding their nose and voting to stop HRC.

Having said that, Trump is an abomination and this is a miserable election--and this torturous canvas cannot end too soon.

But it gets worse, In a few months, we are going to inaugurate a president whom the vast majority of the nation distrusts and finds disgusting (no matter who wins). January 20th marks the beginning of a disturbing and dangerous political and cultural crisis of confidence for the USA. It will be a precarious period.
Whoa there, Waco Farmer. HRC is actually showing me more and more of her mettle in standing up to Trump in three debates. And I would say November 9, nor January 20, is going to mark the beginning of a disturbing and dangerous political and cultural crisis for our country.

Trump has bragged that he won't accept the election results. Already, last weekend, some Trump supporters carrying guns (legally, yes) stood in the parking lot--not far from the door-- of a Democratic House candidate's headquarters in Fluvanna County, Virginia for 12 hours intimidating the campaign worker inside. Trump's got armed people already riled up, and riled up for an apocalypse of his own fabrication. To me, that's the immediate danger--even if, God help us, he wins.

I'm sorry; I don't see the equivalency in Trump and Clinton in terms of their negatives. Rant over . . .

Mark: The republican candidate for president spoke directly to your work on commutations. He told his fellow republicans that President Obama has recently been releasing drug kingpins and savage criminals. He warned the public that this is happening and swore to put an end to it with a republican victory this fall.

This has motivated your mom and I to do all that we can to stop this candidate. We will be going door to door for Hillary and you. We believe in what you are doing and that the next few weeks are important. This also takes us away from the TV.
Your mom and I approve of this message.
First off, its me, IPLawguy.

I'm with the Farmer on the likelihood that the country is entering an even more dangerous and cynical period. Yes, I hope Hillary beats Trump. Since Virginia doesn't look close, I can vote my conscience -- I don't have to vote for her. Yes, she will be much better (and safer) President than Trump. But I don't think she will be a good President.

Certainly Hillary has fans and yes, she has shown more mettle, but as all the details on her emails (not counting the ones she hid through destruction) and the political deals involving the Clinton Foundation emerge, for millions of Americans she remains a cynical, venal, self-dealing opportunist with very few real principles or standards. You can say that this impression is incorrect all you want, but the fact is, that's her public image.

It will be very difficult for her to inspire and lead, even if the Democrats take both Houses of Congress. Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi have their own agendas, and owe very little to Hillary.
To say I'm discouraged would put it mildly. To add my disdain of Trump to the chorus at this point would feel as if I regressed to a time in my childhood I do not really recall. The “no puppet-no puppet-you're the puppet” scenario was something I'd deem too stupid to waste energy to win. What makes me anxious is the kind of single mindedness akin to brainwashing I've witnessed many years ago in Romania. Which begs the question... if it were not for the way this country was designed, would it be possible a fraction of America is actually ripe for dictatorship? No matter how angry and disillusioned, who in their rational mind would take seriously the toxic demagogy Trump spews with such reckless abandon.
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