Monday, October 17, 2016


Clown poems

There was a bumper harvest of creepy clown haiku last week!

I kept reading MKS' piece, and wondering-- who shakes a clown's hand? Is that what you are supposed to do when you meet a clown? It was a strangely troubling image...

At Macy’s parade
Cousin made me shake clown’s hand
I cowered in fear. 

Most original poem? I would go with Anh Dep:

đạp thể dục IBIKE 8.2i
and xe đạp thể dục IBIKE 4000. 
Contact with me.

And finally, OsoGrande is back, and how!

Send in the Clowns, Don't
Bother, They're Here---in the Pres-
idential Campaign.


I still don't understand why I need to update my IBIKE 8.21 to an IBIKE4000. These people are as bad as Apple.
The iBike4000 is over 3991 better than the iBike8.21. Duh!
From the “contact with me” part I’d say you guys can get an even better deal.
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