Saturday, October 29, 2016


Challenges and Hope

In the last week a lot has happened. On Wednesday, President Obama granted another 98 commutation petitions, including 9 submitted by the Clemency Resource Center that Rachel Barkow and I started at NYU.

The picture is bigger than that, of course, and a good description of that bigger picture was provided this week by Taylor Auten in the Brown Political Review-- you can read that here. There is a lot left to do.

There are good people working to make that happen. A week ago, I went to Maryland to participate in a retreat for the Braxton Institute, founded by my mentor Dr. Joanne Braxton. Like some others, we are starting to look at the deeper needs of those returning as citizens after long prison terms (among other potential projects). It is important work.

I like that you realize the next steps are not easy and they will need assistance to transition successfully.

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